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Thinking about the minimal population on stadia Professional

7 months ago Fashion & Lifestyle Deux-Montagnes   73 views

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It's unfortunate. I know that it's too late but stop purchasing new installments in 2K21 MT the series. Is the only way they'll clean up their act. I purchased this game for $11 through a sale but felt obligated to return it for a number of the reasons mentioned in the report. I feel like the show was a cash grab to get a little but moreso on Stadia's platform.Right. I would hate for this to happen but what they're doing is improper.

Thinking about the minimal population on stadia, it's probably not profiyable to fix/update it. They'd be better off removing it and reimbursing the handful of people who purchased it. I would be amazed if they bothered porting it all nedt year.All other things stand tho and also to wait this long for 2k to do something this simple us disgraceful.

It's especially bad on Stadia, believing there are system problems in which the game slows to a crawl. Literal 1 frame every 3-4 minutes. How is there a performance issue on Stadia?The roster updates do not disturb me as far as the dreadful 2+ minute load times to get into MyCareer game mode, as well the slowdown-freeze after enjoying 2-3 matches in MyCareer is game-breaking.

The Playground being even worse for load times, with laggy performance makes it pretty much unusable, even as part of MyCareer.It is so great to see that people are speaking about this. I delivered a tweet some time back and Stadia advised me direct my consideration to 2K. I figured that because I am just 1 person that 2K would not care. They will need to repair the game.

I can not agree more with all the other users on here. The fact that these rosters are updated is a deplorable. It's totally insane!Why is Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins everyone referring to roster updates? The god damn game isn't even playable. I got it for 10 bucks and feel ripped off.