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I really like puzzle boxes, even though they Professional

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The second... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The first two clues were maps. Not bad. Third clue, coordinates of the Demonic Ruins & Zamorak mage assault, where RuneScape gold I was attacked, and only escape by the Revenant. Fourth clue: talk to the monk in the Duel Arena. She gave me an answer key as well as a puzzle box.

I really like puzzle boxes, even though they are time-consuming. I did complete the puzzle box, and then I got another coord hint. The coords are asking me to move in the middle of the arena... Are you confused?

So I go to look it up on TipIt and, sure enough, it involves challenging someone so as to get into the arena "obstacle" area, and digging in an area at the wall's corner. It's a pity! This is especially difficult for me since I've never attempted PVP and I don't know how to do it. It's extremely frustrating to must stop in this situation.

A Theory About The Vampyres

This took me a while to post it. I think this theory is the basis for a great deal of the information on Vampyres. The main difference between vampires and vampyres is the fact that vampyres are half-human. So far as I remember, humans are transformed into vampyres. But vampires aren't among them.

Let's take a look at what happens if you apply a Guthix Balance potion on a Vampyre Jurvinate. The Vampyre Juvinate becomes an enormous, angry vampire that appears much more like a vampyre a vampire. It also transforms into human. Or it dies. The Balance potion destroys one or both halves. Vampyres are also created from vampires or humans According to me. This is how I believe that each one can be made into vampyres.

Vampire turns into Vampyre: Vampires consume so much human blood that they are unable to digest all of it. It takes a break in the woods. It starts to absorb DNA and blood as it sleeps. This is the process that begins the transformation of the vampire into the vampyre-juvinile. It gains increased power, intelligence and an appearance that is more human. It gets stronger as it drinks more human blood. Then it transforms again into the form of a Juvinate and then into an Vyrewatch.

It is still required to consume human blood. It is vital to maintain its metamorphosis. However, it should continue to drink human (rather than, for instance cow) blood. In the event that it does not, it could turn back into a vampire, losing its powers and perhaps its intelligence. Vampyres do not consume larger animals as it could provide them with buy RS gold greater food. They don't think it's morally wrong (that's simply BS they want people to believe), but it's because it's essential to protect their power.