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I had to learn how to use Private

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I attempted to get to it some time back and frankly a good deal about the engine, UI, and artstyle bothered me along with the MTX. RS3 has an unusually high FoV that you can't scale that make it seem like your looking through a lens all the time. I would turn it down if there was an alternative. Unfortunately there is absolutely no option. Guild wars 2 is an example of a RS gold game which started with no choice and FoV to change it. Happily they ended up including the option on and I expect RS3 follows suit. The UI is a mess. Even knowing how to use it, you will find tons of choices that should just be grouped together, or moved, although it's something I had to learn how to use. On top of that most of the presets clutter the screen like older WoW overlays and it is pretty ugly looking.

The UI is un-scaleable. It is too little and I'm playing 1440p, I can only imagine what playing 4k resembles. I frankly don't know more about the primary OSRS client in regards to this, but runelite has scalable UI and I want it scaled up about 125%-150%. Individuals recommended changing my windows resolution to 1080p and that I had been left to wonder what year it was because that's obscene and will make RuneScape game overall look worse. The final issue is only a personal gripe, but I really dislike. I am not a hardcore OSRS graphic defender either as I played primarily largely when cheap RS gold first started and really really enjoyed search engine and a number of the new styles that came with it. A lot of armor stylings and the graphics in RS3 seem to mesh at a way that only feels like something out of a budget mobile game that is greater.

To keep in with graphic styles I haven't even mentioned everyone using money store skins that are all entirely out of place and uninspired. I played other MMOs who had a focus on MTX money store outfits (mostly guild wars two ) and in the very least of those outfits really looked as if they belonged in RuneScape game in some way shape or form. RS3 changed its design philosophy and then proceeded ignored it. These are tiny problems, but it only made me stop playing if they stack on top of eachother. There was simply too much resistance when it came to figuring out that reveals a certain level of unprofessionalism in regards to layout and the way to do things.

This isn't to completely shit on RS3. There's a good deal of QoL changes that I found to be really nice such as the toolbelt, money pouch, as well as the complete necessary rework to mining and smithing (that's frankly needed in OSRS) just as a few examples. I just wouldn't say that the MTX is the only bad thing about RS3, once I feel it's motor, graphic and UI issues as well as (in my view only for this one) an uninspired art style in which the MTX outfits do not even meet that design philosophy.