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Fairy Lights NZ Professional

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Flexilight New Zealand only sells the best quality fairy lights NZ sourced from the leading manufacturers in the world. We also use and test our products on our own buildings something our competitors have not contemplated. Flexilight New Zealand knows that many users still don't know where they can use fairy lights NZ around their homes or businesses. These can be used in Room Lamps, Ceiling fans, desk lamps, Recessed lights.

The fairy lights NZ are also a great option for porch lights, garages, shed and many other applications where you need to leave the light on for the whole night. Compared to the incandescent lights, these only use 1/10 of the total electricity, therefore causing you big savings on the electricity bills.

Copper String Fairy lights are micro LED string lights on an ultra thin metallic wire. Fairy lights, or micro lights as they are sometimes called are the smallest LED lights available today, yet they are extremely bright for their compact size. Each fairy light LED is about the size of a grain of rice and is evenly spaced on an ultra-thin bendable metallic wire ideal for incorporating into costumes, floral arrangements and table centerpiece displays.

Useful for settings both indoors and out, the fairy lights NZ are available in a variety of sizes to meet up with every need. So, if you are looking for fairy lights NZ then contact Flexilight New Zealand.

LED lights NZ are more energy more efficient than normal halogen and incandescent lamps and bulbs. Although if you compare lightness of these lights with halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs, it is less but these lights are now moving toward their high quality due to which in the near future these LED lights NZ would have more light than traditional and normal halogen and incandescent bulbs and lamps. A light of LED have an almost life and therefore, you can save your time and money, which you use in frequent change of other lights and bulbs. These lights are also durable than other lights and have not any delicate part which damaged due to minimal hit like filaments and thin cover of glass around that filament. When you will use LED lights in your room especially in summer it will produce less heat, which will be helpful for you in reducing your electricity bill.