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Racing simulator games - Welcome to We have a huge range of racing simulator games and virtual reality racing simulators of VR title to experience including multiplayer games.

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Why Virtual Reality Solutions

Live The Experience

We have a huge range of VR title to experience including multiplayer and single player games, Simulators, motion platforms and Roller Coasters, Travel Experiences and more. Float through space, walk on the bottom of the ocean, fight alien invaders or adventure through dinosaur infested landscapes

Our range of simulators, platforms and games is fully immersive with an incredible vibrating and motion platforms, racing simulators and VR gaming gives and gives a realistic sensation.

Our platforms are mobile and can be set at your location and operated by our team

Enjoy The Game

Let your guests Enjoy the Game with our wide variety of Virtual Reality Gaming system’s and platforms, that it guaranteed to attract more footfall to your location and provide an amazing experience for all ages.

Our Platforms and Games are ideal for:



-Marketing Activities





-Corporate events


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