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Join the illuminate family for money,power,wealth,fame in Sudan.+27782669503 Private

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200 £

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موقعك: Khartoum
السعر: 200 £


Join illuminati wherever you are no matter in Swaziland,Ghana,Nigeria,Tanzania,Zanzibar,Mauritius,Togo,Uganda,Kenya,London,USA,Lesotho

and others at large because we still need more members to join .do not waste time,come now and join we are ready to welcome and serve you with talent,wealth,power and pride that you have been seeking for in this world.CALL NOW +27782669503

We do not discriminate age as long as you are 18 and above.



1* You must be able to keep the secret to your self

2* You must have strong belief of Success

3* You must be over the age of 18 to make your own


4* You must be able to pay a joining fee of “200 US Dollars” (Strictly)

5* You must be able to wear a black shirt/t-shirt/vest

not less than 3 times a week

6* You must believe that money is power

7* You must be aware that your name must sound in the

list of Celebrities and super-rich people

8* All men and women are welcome to join this Temple of

Only Success, Respect and Super-Rich

9* You must be ready to visit the sea water at midnight

10* You must have a belief in the changing/modern world

of doing Things.

11* You must be ready to read, respect and understand

the Prayer of the Illuminati

12* You have be able to make a Sacrifice.

We welcome all inquiries regarding our secret society

as well as procedures to join the clique of power, fame & Money.

You can join from anywhere in the world.

Please contact our Agent mama nadia

+27782669503.whats app