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Get Manual Wheelchairs For Sale In Qatar Professional

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السعر: 16,112 ﷼

Are you looking for manual wheelchairs for sale in Qatar? Buy manual wheelchairs in Qatar only fromSehaaonline. A newly launched website that provides an extensive range of medical aids and products all over the country, Sehaaonline aims to cater the needs of all.

We have an exclusive range of disability aids. Get manual wheelchairs online and ease the life of your loved ones. Let’s explore some of the features of manual wheelchairs!

A wheelchair typically has four wheels: two large in the back that move the wheelchair and two small in front that swivel and are known as casters.

The large wheels support the majority of the individual's weight and serve as the primary means of propulsion.

The casters makeit easier to maneuver.

Traditionally, wheelchairs are classified into two types: manual and motorized.

Those types are characterised by the mechanism used to push the wheelchair. A manual wheelchair is propelled by human power, whereas an electric wheelchair is propelled by anelectrically powered source.

Manual wheelchairs are propelled either by the person in the wheelchair or by an assistant.

Manual wheelchairs are primarily used by people who have the strength and endurance to propel themselves.

Individuals with spinal cord injuries, for example, can use their upper extremities.

Individuals who have had a stroke that affects only one side of the body can use one upper and one lower extremity.

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