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Get Electric Beds Online In Qatar Professional

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Are you looking for electric beds online in Qatar? Sehaaonline offers an extensive range of full electric hospital bed equipment in comprehensive designs and branded range. You can get electric hospital beds for sale in Qatar promising rates and prices.

There are 3 types of hospital beds-

MANUAL BEDS: These beds contain hand levers forraising and lowering both sides of the bed, as well as a lever to adjust theheight of the bed. These beds are an affordable and suitable option for mostpeople. Adjusting the bed requires an individual who is physically capable of operating the lever, as the manual bed demands force to adjust.

SEMI-ELECTRIC BEDS: These beds are powered by an electric motor that raises and lowers both sides of the bed. As it is a semi-electricbed, the height must still be adjusted manually using the hand lever byrotating the lever clockwise. It is done with the assistance of a caregiver.These beds are great for people who do not require regular height adjustmentsbecause the rising and lowering may be done very easily by simply pushing thebuttons.

FULLY ELECTRIC BEDS: These beds are extremelyeasily adjustable because the patient can manipulate the bed by simply pushingthe buttons. It does not require anyhand lever to function, yet you may need the hand lever if there is a poweroutage. However, some completely electric beds include backup power, which isuseful in such emergency scenarios. Some fully electric beds have numerousadjustable positions, such as the Trendelenburg position and the cardiac chairposition.

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