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Do You Need An Oxygen Machine For Home In Dubai? Professional

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السعر: 8,400 د.إ

Are you in need of an oxygen machine for home in Dubai? Do you need a portable oxygen machine? Or a normal oxygen generator machine? Sehaaonline can help you! We provide the best oxygen machine price in the United Arab Emirates where you can shop comprehensively among chosen brands and qualities.

The home oxygen concentrator can help to-

People can cope with breathing problems due to COVID-19, post COVID-19, anemia, pneumonia, pulmonary diseases other related breathing issues.

If someone has sleep apnea and related disorders.

If someone has a low oxygen saturation level that can be below 90.

These can be installed at home as a concentrator or a cylinder. Oxygen cylinders are liquid-filled cylinders that have liquid concentrated air inside a cylinder. They come with a designated capacity and can be delivered via the mask. You can adjust the pressure according to your needs. A concentrator on the other hand can concentrate the oxygen at a rate of 5-10ml.

The air is concentrated out of which the oxygen is filtered and delivered to the patient. These do not require refilling and can treat acute to moderate respiratory problems. It completely depends on the-


Person’s comfort

Intent of use

Duration of use

Type of environment

You can opt for any oxygen therapy and shop from Sehaaonline. Shop according to your needs now.