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Are You Looking For A Wheelchair In Dubai? Professional

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If you or your loved one requires assistance of a wheelchair, look no beyond Sehaaonline. The online platform offers an extensive range of wheelchairs like a manual or an electric wheelchair, wheelchair rentals, a commode wheelchair, etc.

Many people worry about the price of wheelchair. It may depend on the type of wheelchair and its functions.Sehaaonline offers the best wheelchair price in theUAE. We have exclusive brands like Rehamo, Sunrise Medical, etc. Browse through our extensive range and select the type of wheelchair you need.

When to use a wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are a blessing in disguise- especially those who are disabled. These disability aids help to manoeuvre individuals who cannot walk or perform day-to-day activities on their own. You may choose a manual wheelchair or an electric wheelchair, depending on the severity of your disability.

A manual wheelchair is operated bythe person manually. They may push the chair via the big wheels with or withouta caretaker’s assistance. Whereas an electric wheelchair is controlled completely by a joystick. A commode chair is bathroom disability aid. It helps people to go to the washroom easily.

One can go for wheelchair rentals ifthe disability is short-term. Rentals are available on a daily, weekly andmonthly basis at Sehaaonline. Select from the comprehensive range of products and start shopping! We will be happy to assist you.