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Annapurna Trek (10D 9N) Professional

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Annapurna base camp trekking is one of the stunning route that follows the Modi Khola Valley up to the Annapurna South Base Camp. As the trek progresses, it passes through a huge variety of landscapes as the altitude increases until the glaciers of the himalaya are reached at the sanctuary. It is the most geographically and culturally diverse region for trekking. There are variety of diverse cultures, tribes and castes including the Newars, Chhetri etc. It has the world’s deepest river Gorge, Kali Gandaki.


DAY 1 - POKHARA TO NAYAPUL, NAYAPUL TO TIKHE DHUNGAApproximate Time: Drive 45 mins. Trek 3-4 hours. (7kms) Elevation: Nayapul (1050m) to Tikhedhunga (1540m)

  1. The day starts with a transfer to Nayapul which is about one hour drive from Pokhara, where we’ll take the first steps of our trek.
  2. The walking is easy at this stage, as we stroll through the Modi Khola River Valley.
  3. We trek to the small village of Tikhe Dhunga to spend the night.

DAY 2 - TIKHE DHUNGA TO GHOREPANIApproximate Time: Trek 5 to 6 hours. Ascent 1300m. 10km. Elevation: Tikhedhunga (1540m) to Ghorepani (2750m)

  1. From Tikhe Dhunga we’ll cross a stream as the warm up to ascending the steep stone staircase to the scenic, quaint Magar Village at Ulleri.
  2. After lunch, our route wends through glorious blooms of rhododendron and imposing oak forests.
  3. We’ll move slightly upwards in the direction of Nangethanti before scaling towards Ghorepani for dinner and sleep.

DAY 3 - GHOREPANI TO TADAPANI, WITH EXCURSION TO POON HILLApproximate Time: Poon Hill 1.5km (1 Hour). Trek to Tadapani: 5 to 6 hours. 12km Elevation: Ghorepani (2750m) to Poon Hill (3210m) to Tadapani (2590m)

  1. We’ll be up before dawn today, but trip to Poon Hill where we’ll see an indescribably wonderful panorama of three Himalayan peaks illuminated by the glowing rays of sunrise.
  2. We’ll also be treated to views of the 6,000m-deep Kali Gandaki Gorge and the visual border of Nepal and Tibet as divided by the trans-Himalayan ranges.
  3. It’s back to our lodge for a late breakfast, and then we’re back on the trekking path!
  4. Our legs get a bit of a rest on the downhill walk towards lunch at Bathanti, which takes us through beautiful, deep forests, and then to Tadapani.

DAY 4 - TADAPANI TO CHHOMRONGApproximate Time: 5-6 hours. 8km Elevation: Tadapani (2590m) to Chhomrong (2340m)

  1. More downhill walking awaits us today as we again trek rhododendron and oak forests.
  2. We’ll arrive at the lofty Gurung village of Chhomrong by lunchtime, where you can explore the fantastic views of Annapurna South and Machhapuchhre.

DAY 5 - CHHOMRONG TO HIMALAYA HOTEL OR DEURALIApproximate Time: 5-6 hours. 10km Elevation: Chhomrong (2340m) to Himalaya Hotel (2870m)

  1. Today as we descend towards the Chhomrong Khola.
  2. We shift gears at that point and will climb in the direction of Modi Khola, traveling its west bank, and pass through leafy bamboo forests.
  3. As we head towards Kuldi and then another staircase down to Dovan from where we will continue another hour to Himalaya Hotel, where we’ll rest after a vigorous day.

DAY 6 - HIMALAYA HOTEL OR DEURALI TO ANNAPURNA BASE CAMPApproximate Time: 7-8 hours. 13km Elevation: Himalaya Hotel (2870m) to ABC (4130m)

  1. We climb high above our starting point of Himalaya Hotel, overlooking a river far below.
  2. We’ll scale the lateral moraine of a shimmering glacier and then come down the other side to the glacier bed before reaching the Annapurna Base Camp.
  3. Miles above earth, we have all day today to wander the base camp and drink in the beauty and majesty of Annapurna and the sunrise and sunset are spectacular displays of natural theatre, and not to be missed.

DAY 7 - ANNAPURNA BASE CAMP TO BAMBOOApproximate Time: 5-6 hours . 10km Elevation: ABC (4130m) to Bamboo (2400m)

  1. We’ll savor one last fiery Annapurna sunrise before beginning our trek down the mountain.
  2. Our route today ends in the village of Bamboo, named for the dense forest of tall bamboo that surrounds it.

DAY 8 - BAMBOO TO CHHOMRONGApproximate Time: 6-7 hours. 10km Elevation: Bamboo (2400m) to Chhomrong (2340m)

  1. We’ll trek the bamboo forest, passing vibrant blooms of rhododendron, on our way to Kuldi.
  2. After lunch, we pass through Sinuwa and Modi Khola before an invigorating uphill climb towards Chomrong.

DAY 9 - CHHOMRONG TO GHANDRUNGApproximate Time: 5-6 hours. 10km Elevation: Chhomrong (2340m) to Ghandrung (2000m)

  1. From Chhomrong, we head back to Taglung, descending slowly through a forest to Kummu.
  2. It’s back towards Ghandrung and one more hypnotically-lovely panorama of Annapurna South before our last night on the mountain.

DAY 10 - GHANDRUNG TO POKHARAApproximate Time: 7-8 hours. 10km Elevation: Ghandrung (2000m) to Nayapul (1050m)

  1. The end of our trek is in sight where, adding interest and variety to our last morning on the mountain.
  2. We’ll pass through Syauli Bazaar and Nayapul before catching a ride back to Pokhara, where the comforts of a hotel ensconce you after a long and tiring journey.